Welcome to Koust

It takes great people
to deliver a great product

Koust is the stock and production management tool for the professional catering trade.

Since 2016, our mission is to to help restaurants and CHR professionals to develop their business.

Several chains of renowned restaurants and establishments use Koust.

Our team is located in Brest and is developing the tool used by different business sectors internationally.

How we build our products

Koust is software as a service (SAS).

We are working to find the most effective and simple solutions possible for the user. We are not afraid to try to new solutions and to take on bold challenges. to improve our processes.

Find out how the magic is working in our team.


4 reasons to join our team


Growing start-up, well established in its sector, with offices at the Brest business incubator.

Real impact

Contribute to the creation of meaningful solutions to help professionals improve the quality of their processes.

Great people

Collaborate with the best professionals. A state of mind that makes work exciting every day.


Priority to develop and learn the skills of the future, with the opportunity for internal promotion.

Offers positions

Sales assistant internship


- Level of studies: BAC +2 to BAC +5
- Autonomous, independent, enterprising, passionate, with a sense of contact.
- Interested in the restaurant business,
- At ease with oral communication. English desired
- Convinced by the benefits of a customer relationship software: CRM
- Attached to the quality of the customer experience.
- Results and analysis oriented


- Sales assistant, supervised by the sales manager.
- Organize and exploit the Pipedrive prospect/client file to promote and propose the Koust offers
Koust's offers to the hotel and catering industry
- Phoning
- Consolidation of Pipedrive CRM prospects/customers: prospects registered to Koust applications on
- Online demonstrations of Koust software solutions
- Customer follow-up: online help, email response

Developer internship




Technical skills

Good command of languages and development tools:

  • APEX Development Environment
  • Web applications (e.g. JavaScript and other related software....)
  • Knowledge of WordPress CMS
  • Programming languages (e.g. HTLM, SQL, PL/SQL)
  • Knowledge of agile development methodologies

Professional skills

Ability to work in a team
Ability to adapt to evolving development methods
Continuous self-training
Adaptability and strength of proposals to meet customer demands while respecting development standards
Timeliness to make deliverables on time



The developer carries out all the functionalities of a web site/application. He defines and implements a technical solution to design customised sites/applications or adapt existing technical solutions.

Develop, test and validate all technical functionalities.
Provide technical support throughout the life of the project.

Prepare and carry out unit tests.
Carry out load tests.
Correction of problems reported by the customer.

To apply, please contact us at the following address: oanez.legoff@koust.net