Restaurant opening cost
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Restaurant opening cost

There are many restaurant opening costs to take into account when you open a restaurant. On the one hand, the investments for premises, equipment or even upstream. But also the cost of labour, raw materials and finally communication and marketing.

You must take into account all these costs at the time of your project launch, and of course in your Business plan.

The location

The first cost restaurant opening resides in the place and the buildings you are going to to use for your restaurant. Whether you are renting or buying you need to establish a projected cost for real estate.
The choice of location at the time of opening of a restaurant is paramount. Indeed the choice of sector will determine the type of clientele you're going to attract. Choose a location attractive depending on the target. If your target is people active people you want to attract for lunch in your restaurant, turn to a location close to offices and commercial for example. This will ensure you a regular clientele and you will be able to focus on other points of your aperture such as the recruitment of your employees or the implementation of your card. But you need to understand that the choice of your location will therefore generate costs depending on the location, better you will be placed the higher the rent will be, so you have to take into account that cost.
Next, the cost of the material must be measured, that either the kitchen equipment or for the room.

The stock

The cost of opening a restaurant also depends on inventory. This is why, in a second step you have to look at the costs that will be generated by your stocks. Indeed you must build up a stock of raw materials before the opening of your establishment. This stock ensures that you are ready for the opening and that you can receive your customers with complete peace of mind. To establish this starting stock you can use the KOUST application. Indeed the minimum stock is not the same for all restaurants. It varies from one establishment to another, depending on the number of place settings you have, the number of dishes on your menu or the number of your sales.
Once the starting stock has been established, you must place orders with your various suppliers, then store and in some cases label your products to ensure their traceability. The software also offers a traceability module in order to guide and accompany you in the HACCP procedures to be respected.

The staff

One of the essential elements to take into account in the cost of opening a restaurant is the hiring of personnel within your company. Indeed it is one of the most expensive and important expenses for your establishment.
In order to control your salary costs, you must make a hiring plan, which consists of listing the skills you will need for the opening of your establishment. Ask yourself how many people you think you will need to provide all the services and to serve all your customers.
This implies that you have defined in advance the number of potential customers that you will welcome daily but also the number of days the restaurant will be open.


Last but not least, the last step to estimate the cost of opening a restaurant is communication. Advertising your business is essential. Today word of mouth is no longer enough, so you need to attract customers by other means.
You have several ways to implement a communication strategy within your establishment. You can use web marketing methods, i.e. digital communication. This communication can be translated through social networks, newsletters or by feeding your website. Digital communication requires certain skills but it can give you visibility at a lower cost.
You can also turn to print media, such as business cards, brochures or your cards and menus. You will have to take into account the cost of the design but also the cost of the printing at a printer if you want it to be qualitative and give a good image of your establishment.

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