EHPAD and medico-social establishments

Medical and social establishments

Koust donne la preuve de la qualité de votre travail,
tout en maitrisant vos coûts matières !





Medical and social canteen
Koust is a software that allows increase profitability of your canteen.
Our software helps institutions to negotiate purchasess, to spend ordersto calculate the margins revenue, manage the inventoriesand much more in a single connection.

Discover the 6 reasons to adopt Koust
in your institution


Manage your costs

Place your supplier orders in a few clicks
Follow the evolution of supplier prices and make the best choice
You will be alerted in case of price failures

Keep control of your stocks

For simplifying the work of cooksKoust calculates the quantities according to the number of portions to be made.
Analyse your daily cost per cover
Make your inventories easy
Real-time stock updates based on your release orders
Egalim food waste

Check your losses

Calculate the differences between planned and consumed quantities
Determine the reasons for variances
Cook the exact quantities with the help of technical data sheets

Improve the quality

Add tags to your ingredients
See your % of organic, local and labelled products purchased
Respect the criteria of the EGalim law
PMS oil temperature

Follow food hygiene

Create and organise your cleaning plan
Control cold room temperatures and oil PH
Find your task history

Control your food traceability

Find the nutritional and allergenic information in the recipes
Print your CSD labels
Get the history of the journey of foodstuffs