The PMS in catering
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The PMS in catering

The PMS in restoration (Plan de maitrise sanitaires) is an essential document in restoration. It is mandatory to build your sanitary approval file.

This health control plan makes it possible to achieve the health objectives set by European regulations. The latter imposes several criteria that must be taken into account by all food industry professionals.

The composition of the PMS in restoration

4 elements make up the health control plan:

  • The mastery of general and specific good hygiene practices;
  • The HACCP plan validated and regularly updated ;
  • The traceability system ;
  • Management of non-compliant products

Good Hygiene Practices

The guide to good sanitary practices allows the implementation of the sanitary control plan.

This guide is extremely detailed and gives all the maps to implement good catering practices.

They are essential for the implementation of the HACCP method, as well as for the control of hazards.

Your attention must be particularly focused on the raw materials, because these foodstuffs are very sensitive and impact the entire preparations and the quality of the recipes.

It is therefore essential to monitor all receipts of raw materials and to keep a paper or digital history of them.

This control of the receptions comes in addition to food traceability which is essential in case of sanitary controls.

Hazard analysis

The hazard analysis takes the form of a document containing the analysis of biological, chemical and physical hazards and recommends preventive measures associated with each risk.

For each hazard it is important to identify the causes of contamination, multiplication and survival. To measure this, the 5M method is the most suitable.


That is to say, the entire restaurant premises must be taken into account. To limit health risks, the premises must be clean and easy to maintain.


The whole range of equipment is concerned, from small kitchen knives to ovens and cold rooms. The equipment must also be easy to clean and, above all, resistant to corrosion.


The method refers to the organization of the restaurant. This critical point is one of the first to be checked in the event of a problem.

There are two methods to ensure a good method:

  • The first is to perform the production steps from the cleanest to the dirtiest task.
  • The second recommends cleaning and disinfection after each stage of production.

It is also important to take into account hygiene regulations, i.e. temperature and oil records, the cleaning plan....

Labour force

One of the most important points is manpower, as staff must be trained both in the dining room and in the kitchen. This training aims to teach the staff the rules of hygiene in the restaurant so that food handling is done safely.

Today it is compulsory to put in place a manager who is trained in the HACCP method and who guarantees the respect of hygiene and traceability methods within the establishment.

Raw material

In catering, the raw material is related to the food used in cooking preparations. The choice of suppliers is essential as well as storage in order to guarantee optimum food safety in catering. This

Safety is based on temperature readings but also on the implementation of food traceability. That is to say the labelling of semi-finished products, the CSD...

The creation of the PMS in catering is therefore mandatory for all catering establishments, which allows for the control of potential risks related to catering.

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