2021 trends in the restaurant industry

2021 trends in the restaurant industry

The year 2020 will have been completely shaken up and our consumption habits profoundly changed. But what are the trends for 2021 in the restaurant industry?

In the restaurant industry, one concept obviously stood out during this very special year: takeaway sales. This way of consuming, which has become firmly established in our habits, will probably continue for a few more years.  

New concepts have emerged based on this takeaway principle. Many entrepreneurs then asked themselves the following question. "How to guarantee the success of its restaurant business during the Covid crisis when all the restaurants are closed? »

Trends for 2021 : Dark Kitchen

Indeed, many costs are to be taken into account during a catering activity. In particular the wage bill but also the charges related to the premises, the operating equipment and the location. It is then necessary to wonder how to reduce to the maximum its operating costs in order to withdraw the maximum margin.

The concept of the Dark Kitchen, which had already existed for several years, exploded in 2020. This model of catering consists of working in a room composed only of a kitchen. No restaurant room or space dedicated to customers. This saves a considerable amount of space and therefore considerably reduces the operating costs of the establishment. Moreover, the costs related to the employees are drastically reduced. This is due to the fact that the number of people needed to run a Dark Kitchen is much less than that of a traditional restaurant. The ghost restaurant market exploded in Europe in 2020 and is expected to reach $656 billion by 2026.

Another possible solution is shared kitchens, the concept is simple, share a kitchen between several restaurants. This also reduces operating costs. This is the case of Deliveroo for example, which offers shared kitchens. These are dedicated to restaurant owners who wish to extend their delivery area.

With the reopening of restaurants, the number of restaurant owners offering takeaway sales will decrease. But this concept should continue in the coming years.

Indeed, consumers have generally become accustomed to this system and delivery platforms have grown considerably as a result.

Responsible consumption

Trends in 2021: Responsible consumption is another trend for the year 2021. In the air of time for a few years already the responsible kitchen takes a more and more important part in our habits of consumption.

Local products, organic products, short circuits, so many elements which weigh more and more in the decision of purchase of the consumers and it is the same thing in the restaurant. Customers want to know the origin of the products they consume as well as the manufacturing process.

It is therefore important to adapt the offer to consumer demand. It is therefore in the restaurant owners' interest to offer dishes that correspond to these consumer trends and to favour responsible products. The Ecotable label, which is increasingly sought after by restaurateurs for its guarantee of quality and eco-responsibility, is a strong example of this awareness.


The sanitary crisis has amplified in a very important way the phenomenon of the digitalization of the catering establishments. Already highly recommended for several years, it is now a mandatory requirement. No one can escape from it, otherwise his income will be considerably reduced or even disappear. Previously used for communication, customer reviews or reservations. The digital is now essential to ensure the main and vital function of a restaurant, Sales.

This is why many regions offer to help restaurant owners to digitalize their establishments by means of a digital voucher.

It is therefore necessary to have digital tools to help you in this process. Several software programs can allow you to reference your establishment on delivery platforms. Or to create menus in the form of QR-Code which facilitates the respect of the barrier gestures and which allows the respect of the rules in hygiene and traceability.

Beyond the question of hygiene, it is an advantageous saving of time for the restaurant owners, the service at table is accelerated which frees more time for the waiters.

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