Restaurant management training
restaurant management

Restaurant management training

Managing a restaurant is not something you can improvise, and as in all professions, it is necessary to be trained.

There are several types of restaurant management courses:

  • Management training
  • Food hygiene and safety training
  • Accounting courses
  • Training in up-selling
  • Training in customer advice

Some of these training courses in catering are compulsory. This is the case for training to obtain an operating licence and for training in safety and hygiene. Indeed, these training courses are essential because they guarantee safety for your customers and employees.

Other training courses are recommended for the management of a restaurant.

Management training

One of the most important is management training because managing a team requires specific skills that are not given to everyone. You have to learn them. In the restaurant and hotel industry, many different jobs coexist, whether in the kitchen or in the dining room, you must pay particular attention to the management of your teams.

The management and atmosphere of your teams will have a direct impact on your business, especially in the restaurant sector, where your teams are in direct contact with the consumer.

If your employees feel uncomfortable or irritated, the service will automatically be impacted as well as your customers' opinions. Even if it is sometimes complicated, it is therefore necessary to pay particular attention to the management and cohesion of your restaurant team, whether in the dining room or in the kitchen.

Restaurantmanagement training

The second training course we recommend is pure management. This is the part that will allow you to learn how to manage your stocks, your orders, your gross margin...

These skills are essential if you want your restaurant to be profitable. If you don't manage your supplies properly, the amount you put into recipes, the losses and food waste caused by poor kitchen management, your business can quickly become a money pit.

You should therefore also focus on this part and optimise it as much as possible. In order to guarantee the sustainability of your catering establishment.

If this aspect of restoration seems complicated to you, do not hesitate to surround yourself with competent people and above all, provide yourself with suitable equipment and software. These will be indispensable allies in the implementation of good management.

Some management software such as Koust can obviously help you with this monitoring and help you optimise your indicators.

Koust is a software package that supports your hotel or restaurant business in stock management, food hygiene and traceability, and supplier orders.

Training in food hygiene and traceability

Another compulsory training course ishygiene and food traceability. Indeed, it is this training that guarantees the food safety of your dishes to your customers and your team.

No matter what business you are in, you need to be trained in hygiene and traceability. Since October 2021, one person in your team must be designated to undergo specific food hygiene training as soon as your restaurant opens.

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