Catering management software: Kitchen-oriented!
restaurant management

Catering management software: Kitchen-oriented!

The Koust restaurant management software will allow you to easily manage your commercial and collective catering establishment in all sectors of activity.

You visualize your recipes, your financial situation, you place your orders , you consult your invoices. Then your data is stored online in the cloud and you can access it from any connected point.

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Functions of a classic restaurant management software

While we often confuse restaurant management software with cash register software. But cash register software was created to record sales, record daily cash transactions. It is above all a system to simplify the restaurant owner's work vis-à-vis the tax authorities. Moreover, the new law with the NF525 certification, compulsory in 2018, reinforces the state controls. Now, in order to avoid fraud, you are therefore obliged to use a completely secure software or cash register system that prevents the deletion of bills.

This software allows to simplify and save time on the invoicing to the customers by copying the principle of cash registers.

A few years ago, new technological advances made it possible to simplify the work. For the indoor team in particular, these advances have made it possible:

  • Simplification and organisation of the service with the help of the digitised seating plan.
  • the use of shelves for taking orders.
  • taking reservations through online platforms
  • interfacing with loyalty card systems

The kitchen has also benefited from a few new features, including :

  • to send order forms to printers in the kitchen.
  • Ticketing that automatically distributes the ready meals per work station.
  • the organization of the service with "ask for more" tickets for the starter, followed by the main course and dessert.


koust's mission is to optimize your operating costs.

First of all, the Koust objective is to optimize the management of a restaurant by new technologies and data on 3 axes :

  • A better response to customer expectations
  • Better financial profitability
  • In the simplest possible way for the entire restaurant team.

The software mainly manages the core business of a restaurant: the product. The product is the recipes and raw materials, both in purchasing, manufacturing and monitoring the popularity of the dishes. Koust goes much further than current solutions offer. From the choice and design of the product, to the quality of the production, to the measurement of customer reaction, to the simplification of intermediate tasks, Koust concretely helps to achieve better results.

1- Purchasing management

What if you put suppliers in competition to buy better?

  1. Price comparison:
    Compare prices between suppliers
    When negotiating with your suppliers, you have all your data in front of you: competitors' prices and the history of your purchases.
    Possibility to compare products with different unit quantities (e.g. 75cl bottle and 100cl bottle).
  2. Help with order preparation and sending by email
    How do I estimate the quantity needed per item for my forecasts?
    But, how can I easily compare my prices between several suppliers?
    And, can I send my orders to my suppliers by email?
    How can I prepare my supplier orders in advance?
    How can I send my orders without being present at the restaurant?
  3. Supplier orders, past or current, are accessible. You can convert them into an invoice to make entry easier.
  4. Raw material price tracking: Take advantage of the history of all purchases entered from all suppliers for each ingredient. You follow the evolution of prices in real time.

2- Recipes and Technical Data Sheets

  1. Cost price calculation (dishes and menus): only one data sheet per dish, without worrying about suppliers and units of measure. If the vendor changes, the master record changes automatically.
  2. Saves time when suppliers, prices and ingredients change
  3. Using subrecipes: To use them in several recipes to avoid multiplying changes if the subrecipie changes.
  4. Printing of technical data sheets for the kitchen.
  5. Calculation of the quantities to be prepared : Help in the production of a kitchen, by adapting the technical data sheets to the quantities to be prepared.
  6. Printing of the allergen table : Ability to export this table in csv format

restaurant management software

3- Management control

  1. Automatic inventory line creation: Create your monthly inventory with a single click.
  2. Inventory entry and valuation: print your inventory reports and fill in the quantities directly in the software.

Difference Purchase / Consumption Consumption balance sheet, purchase invoices and inventories.
Check the differences between the quantities of raw materials you have purchased and the quantity you have theoretically consumed. This last theoretical quantity is therefore the product of your sales (in your cash register software) and your technical data sheets.
These calculations can also be made over any period (between two dates of your choice).

4- Analysis of sales using this restaurant management software

Sales analysis is based on key indicators: Sales Popularity, Price Response, Price Dispersion, by product line. These data come from the sales of your restaurant management software (cash register) that you regularly import into Koust.

  1. Customer response to price offer: Calculation to establish a price index. In general, this index should be between 0.9 and 1.
    If it is higher than 1: prices are too low.
    But if it is lower than 0.9: prices are too high.
  2. Menu engineering: This method allows to quickly visualize the popularity of the dishes in a range and the contribution of its dishes to the margin.
  3. Price Dispersion: Within the same range, the application classifies your offer into three price brackets - low, medium and high. Therefore, the middle band must include a number of references at least equal to the total number of references offered in the low and high bands.
  4. Opening of the range: Within a range of products (starters, fish...),
    the ratio of the highest price to the lowest price must not exceed 2.5 or 3.

5- Steering and Dashboards

Finally, the dashboards make it easy to monitor the financial health of your establishment by tracking the evolution of turnover and gross margin.

  1. Results: Sales, expenses and gross margin
    Tables and curves for monthly monitoring of turnover and gross margin.
    Tables and curves Cumulative over 12 months of sales and gross margin.
  2. Decision support utilities and indicator monitoring for managers.
    Example: The price of salmon is soaring. Your software automatically passes on the increase by calculating all the recipes and menus concerned. You can then modify the quantities in the data sheets or replace the salmon by another fish. Then, another efficient tool, the recipe composition tree, allows you to identify all the recipes using salmon. This saves you having to search the entire database and saves you a lot of time.



Koust est un logiciel de gestion dédié aux métiers CHR.
Koust permet d’optimiser la rentabilité de votre établissement.
L’idée est simple : mieux contrôler les quantités et les coûts en ayant plus de contrôle sur l’approvisionnement et la production.

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