Restoration management tool: simple indicators
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Restoration management tool: simple indicators

First of all, how can we monitor the financial health of restaurants? Koust is a restaurant management tool. Spreadsheets exist to analyse the results, but their use quickly becomes complex. The simplest way to analyse the results of a restaurant is a financial statement.

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This state can be broken down into 4 indicators:

  • The constitution of the Turnover,
  • Raw material expenses,
  • personnel expenses,
  • Operating costs: rather fixed costs compared to the previous ones. (do not vary in proportion to the company's business volume)

The advantage of this state is that you get an immediate overview of the state of health of the company without getting lost in the details.

Good" ratios or percentages are predetermined. The percentage of each of these indicators is calculated in relation to turnover. A percentage of 100% is attributed to the turnover. For example: raw material/sales = 28%.

These ratios make it possible to evaluate a company's performance using a series of predetermined financial ratios. The most remarkable thing is that this ratio analysis is very simple and very useful to visualize the profitability of a restaurant. It also helps to measure the financial performance of a restaurant business.

"What gets measured gets better. "-Seth Godin

The indicators of this restoration management tool

Raw material consumption: Invoice management

First of all, invoice entry is integrated into the KOUST catering management tool. In addition, the accumulation per month allows to constitute the monthly raw material expenses. The expenses of "liquid" and "solid" foodstuffs are cumulated here.

Sales: Importing sales from the cash register

By importing the sales of the cash register, the software allows you to view the monthly turnover of the establishment.

Restoration management toolBalance Sheet: Results Tables

The Table of Results combines the two previous indicators: Turnover and expenditure on raw materials. Finally, the results and ratio are represented:

  • in table and curve form,
  • in monthly value and 12-month cumulative value.

In conclusion, the ability to properly manage this raw material/sales ratio will give you the means to increase staff costs.

"In the long run, you can only make progress if you have exceptional people around you" - Mark Zuckerberg



Koust est un logiciel de gestion dédié aux métiers CHR.
Koust permet d’optimiser la rentabilité de votre établissement.
L’idée est simple : mieux contrôler les quantités et les coûts en ayant plus de contrôle sur l’approvisionnement et la production.

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