Multi-establishments and chains

Multi-establishments and chains


Rationalisez organization and communication

Running multi-unit restaurant chains is not a simple task. Koust allows the centralization and uniformity of your group with a global view of all the establishments.

Koust helps the head office and the establishments to negotiate the purchases.The new system allows you to place orders, calculate revenue margins, manage inventory, generate advanced reports and much more. en une seule connexion.

Check your operations

Contrôlez les approvisionnements, les prix et les fournisseurs

Have the ability to control all prices and authorize suppliers at a corporate level. Ensure that sites can only order products from suppliers you have selected. Control your procurement with Koust.

Controlling purchases and margins

Affichez l’historique des commandes et les factures. Suivez l’évolution des prix et gardez la maîtrise de la marge brute.

Koust ensures a better consistency of your brand

You can change your menu or ingredients at any time. Koust adapts your offer and recipes more simply.


Laboratory - Production site

Simplifiez les échanges entre votre site de production et les établissements. Koust allows you to place orders to a laboratory.

Your orders are automatically transferred to the laboratory in its production planning, taking into account delivery times and days.

Follow simply your orders with Koust.

Optimize your restaurant chain today