Restaurant manager's job: mission, activity, competence
restaurant management

Restaurant manager's job: mission, activity, competence

The restaurant manager is the person in charge of directing, planning and managing all the services of a hotel establishment. In the following paragraphs you will find all the information about this profession, i.e. the skills and qualities required to perform this job. These are extremely varied: he oversees the budget and manages the funds and inventory.

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Concrete tasks of the restaurant manager

The job of a restaurant manager requires many skills. Whether in the restaurant or hotel industry, this job requires a good level of management and administration. Indeed, this position requires a quality of experience as you have to manage a service team, a chef and sometimes even a sommelier.

In a catering establishment or hotel several jobs coexist, it is necessary to be able to carry out the recruitment of the team, to propose a training to certain members of the team like the chef.

This part of the recruitment process requires the creation of job descriptions including: salary, description of the job and the company, level (baccalaureate, baccalaureate+2, baccalaureate+3, etc.), and the training offered....

This job also involves a commercial aspect, you need to be able to propose attractive offers to customers and to know the tourism sector.

The restaurant manager's main role is to manage the teams while being on all fronts. He must be able to communicate optimally with all staff as well as with customers and suppliers. This job leaves very little room for improvisation.

Indeed, good organization is essential, as is professionalism and rigour. The restaurant manager is in charge of supervision and accounting. The tasks are diverse and can change every day.

He manages the stocks, the room and the reception of the customers. Its main mission is to guarantee customer satisfaction. Basically, it is a job that combines supervision in the field and administrative management in his office.

Position and salary of the restaurant manager

Usually, the restaurant manager starts his day or week by quickly briefing his assistants and teams, whether in the kitchen or in the dining room. A report will be made at the end of each month.

The restaurant manager must ensure that the rules relating to work safety and hygiene are respected. Generally speaking, it is also this professional who is in charge of managing orders as well as the schedules of the different teams.

This position can be combined with that of restaurant manager, manager or manager. The salary for hotel and restaurant managers is around 4,000 euros gross per month, however, it all depends on the size and importance of the establishment being managed.

The skills and qualities needed to access this position

To be hired as a restaurant manager, it is important to have certain qualifications. For starters, the prerequisite is an excellent sense of organization.

Indeed, the multiplicity of tasks requires great concentration, but also great motivation. Moreover, it is important that the manager is as friendly and smiling as he is firm. After all, if he is in direct contact with all staff, suppliers and customers, it is also important that he knows how to lead and manage them. This requires a great deal of tact and diplomacy.

The ideal recruit will demonstrate diplomacy and courtesy. He or she will also be able to trust his or her colleagues and delegate tasks appropriately, whether to executive assistants or other teams.

Advantages and disadvantages in this job

There are a multitude of advantages in the job of restaurant manager. For example, the fact that the diversity of assignments to be undertaken makes it both exciting and rewarding. Because this profession is very versatile with many aspects, it leaves very little room for boredom. Moreover, the human contact is very rich and allows to increase professional and even friendly relations.

On the other hand, as in any profession, there are disadvantages. Take, for example, the working hours in the restaurant industry, which are not always very conventional and leave very little time for private life. Indeed, the restaurant manager often has to work very early in the morning and very late at night. In addition, the pace of the working day is usually intense.

What studies should I follow to become a restaurant manager?

Many studies and training courses allow access to the profession of restaurant manager. For example, the CAP (vocational training certificate) in cooking or catering, or the BEP (vocational training certificate) in catering and hotel management, allow you to enter this field, starting with being a hall clerk.

For the BAC levels, whether it is a hotel techno or a pro restaurant, this allows you to enter a slightly higher profession. There are also BTS hotel and catering at Bac + 2 level and access to professional licence studies at Bac + 3 level. Generally speaking, you only become a restaurant manager once you have worked your way up the ladder.

The first step is to acquire years of experience in management and operation as well as in the culinary arts and management. Therefore, it is possible to become a restaurant manager if you have completed a vocational training course or business school.

What are the possible developments?

Being a restaurant manager is already a big responsibility. However, does this profession open other doors? Yes, without hesitation for the most ambitious. It's a very progressive position that allows you to reach the top of the corporate hierarchy.

And there are still a lot of high positions, if it is a large hotel group. It is still important to specialise in one area.

Indeed, it is possible to be an operations manager, a sales manager, a management manager, a general manager, a financial manager or a supervisor of several restaurants. He may also gather all these experiences to find the strength to start his own restaurant.

Who are the major employers?

Many companies are currently recruiting restaurant managers. Choosing this path can therefore lead to a multitude of extremely varied opportunities.

It could be:

  • of a simple restaurant,
  • of a hotel chain

or communities such as :

  • hospitals,
  • retirement homes,
  • holiday resorts
  • or school canteens.

It is quite possible to start out as a simple room clerk and then progress through effort and willingness. Progress in the company's organization chart will depend essentially on his own rigour and dedication.

So if you take several restaurant or hotel managers and look at their backgrounds, you will see some similarities, but not all of them will be the same. Management therefore plays an essential role in this restaurant job. From the cook to the chef to the room manager.

Management therefore plays an essential role in this restaurant job. From the cook to the chef to the room manager.
In France, the tourism sector is very developed, especially in Paris. The hotel and catering professions are therefore very important. There is no shortage of job offers (sommelier, head of service, etc.) in this sector of activity and the jobs are very diverse. Salaries vary according to the sector in France, and in Paris salaries are higher.

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