Restaurant delivery platforms
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Restaurant delivery platforms

For several weeks now, all restaurants have been obliged to remain closed. This government decision has had a considerable impact on the turnover and profitability of restaurants. One of the most common and simple solutions is to use restaurant delivery platforms, Deliveroo, Uber Eat, Juste Eat...

This is why Koust offers you new functionalities to define your selling prices according to your costs and the commissions that these platforms take.

What are restaurant delivery platforms?

Home delivery is a concept that exploded a few years ago, first in the largest cities and nowadays is becoming more and more popular all over our territory. These deliveries, carried out by platforms such as Deliveroo or Uber Eat for the best known, consist of delivering customers directly to their homes. All you have to do is prepare the orders and entrust them to the deliverymen who will take care of the delivery to the customer's home.

These platforms generally take a commission on the sale of products in order to make money. That is why you have to be able to calculate your sales price taking into account this factor as well as expenses.

Why use restaurant delivery platforms?

Choosing this method gives you several advantages. One of them is the fact that you can maintain a regular activity while reducing your salary costs. In fact, you won't need a room staff given the situation. A team in the kitchen will be sufficient to prepare dishes and customer orders.

This solution also allows you to maintain a link with your customers. Indeed, keeping a minimum of activity allows you to stay in the minds of your customers, not to be forgotten and above all to retain their loyalty. This element is very important and will be useful on the day your establishment reopens.

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