How do I renew my restaurant's menu?
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How do I renew my restaurant's menu?

Creating or renewing the menu of your restaurant is not always easy. Indeed, redesigning a menu requires a lot of time and thought, which often leads us to throw in the towel.

We will therefore give you the keys to quickly create a simple, effective and above all Profitable card!

Why renew the menu of his restaurant?

It is essential to renew your card several times a year for several reasons:

  • Meeting customer expectations

The demands of your customers are constantly changing, as consumer habits change. You must be able to analyse and anticipate them in order to renew your restaurant menu as close as possible to your customers' expectations.

  • Remaining competitive in the face of competition

The competition didn't wait for you, so it's up to you to take the lead and be more reactive than them. This reactivity inexorably involves adjusting your offer and adapting your card. To do this you must keep yourself informed of what your customers want but also be constantly on the lookout for your competitors.

  • Adjusting its costs according to changes in supplier prices

The prices of your suppliers are constantly changing, so it is very important to monitor and renegotiate them regularly, but not only that. Sometimes you are powerless in the face of rising prices for certain raw materials. So you have to adjust your menu, either by increasing certain prices or by changing dishes that are subject to too high a rise in raw material prices with dishes that allow you to make a higher margin.

  • Stay creative

Finally, renewing your card allows you and your team to stay creative! In fact, the novelty in an establishment allows you to keep the dynamism and boost the motivation of your employees. Everybody wins, customers, employees and managers.

How many dishes to put on his menu?

The design of a menu is based on several criteria, first of all the number of dishes that appear on your menu.

We often mistakenly think that a very extensive menu with a maximum of dishes will satisfy a maximum number of people and therefore attract a wider clientele. Indeed this method will cause you more trouble than anything else.

  • A degradation of quality on all your dishes.
  • A reduced trading margin on your raw materials which will be too numerous, thus a weakened gross margin.
  • An unstable image for your customers who will have difficulty positioning your establishment.

That's why your card must meet a very simple rule. Ideally it should contain a maximum of 7 starters, 10 main courses and 7 desserts.

By applying this method you ensure optimum organization and production. You free yourself time to negotiate your prices and follow their evolution. Above all, you considerably improve the quality of your dishes and therefore customer satisfaction.

How do you choose the right dishesto renew your restaurant's menu ?

It is therefore time to select the dishes that will allow you to renew your restaurant's menu. To do this you must identify the most profitable and popular dishes from your old menu.

A simple way to do that, The Menu engineering. A tool that allows you to classify all your dishes according to their margin and sales volume.  

The engineering menu is an extremely powerful device to boost your sales and succeed in determining the exact demand to meet it.

What visual to give to his card?

Finally, the formatting of your card is a step not to be neglected. Indeed it will have a direct impact on the image of your establishment. All previous efforts will be reduced to nothing if it is not attractive. You must therefore make it not only original to stand out. But also highlight the most profitable dishes that you will have selected as well as wines and drinks offering you a high margin. Free software allows you to quickly create a designer menu adapted to your establishment.

You now have all the cards to create an attractive and profitable card that will undoubtedly increase your sales.

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