The drinks menu: a growth lever
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The drinks menu: a growth lever

What are the levers of the drinks menu? In a restaurant, you pay more attention to the solids, the food and the menu offer. Whether it is a gastronomic restaurant, a traditional restaurant, a bar, a snack bar or a crêperie, your image depends essentially on the products you offer. But do you pay as much attention to the drinks offer? Yet it is this offer that often generates the most margin in the restaurant business. This article will help you to take advantage of this financial margin which will optimise your restaurant's turnover.

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Indeed, the first reflex is often to focus on the solids and simply apply a multiplier to the drinks traditionally offered in the same range of establishments. The right strategy is therefore to offer new products and to diversify the range of drinks on offer so that your business becomes more attractive to customers.

Diversify your beverage menu with new products

For the pleasure of the consumers, the bartenders animate the bar with the art of preparing cocktails. The waiters set the scene on their trays as they cross the room. We are almost always looking for entertainment. New products always attract the attention of the customer, whether they are home-made or new products on the market. Fashions change, the restaurateur has to keep abreast of trends to stay ahead. Like old rums that were somewhat neglected for decades, they are coming back with a vengeance with the new generations. Drink rankings can also be turned upside down by a recent trend.

The top of the most popular drinks

In the on-trade, hot drinks, water, wine, beer, soft drinks, and new phenomena such as "healthy" drinks set the trend.

First of all, consumers like hot drinks. For several years now, the consumption of drinks has been changing, and this new trend can be seen in bars and restaurants. From tea to coffee to chocolate, the demand is more demanding, quality is paramount.

These drinks are among the top drinks that the French drink, so it is important to offer quality hot drinks for sale. In addition, they generally have a very high margin rate. Indeed, coffee, for example, has a very low production cost and the selling price can rise quickly. It is therefore important to integrate them into the bar/restaurant business to increase profitability.

Responding to new consumption phenomena

The local drinks menu? Margin rate? Profitability? Price too high?

Concerned about defending the local economy, these "locavore" consumers are increasingly looking for authenticity. They look more at the quality and origin of the product than at its price. To add to your offer, you will certainly find good products that are local or that tell a bit of the history of your region. The cost of buying these more qualitative products is more important but you just have to transfer it to the price to keep a coherent margin because as said before the price is less and less important for many customers.

Margin Cocktails

The cocktail trend probably never ends. The Mojito has long been the star of the cocktail menu. In fact, it is second only to beer in customer choice. Cocktail choice is now the key to increasing the average restaurant bill. Non-alcoholic cocktails are now also taking a large place to meet a new demand. Moreover, cocktails are products with a high potential margin rate. They are often expensive to sell and can be made more cheaply. The most important thing is to have an efficient bar staff to satisfy the customers.

Softs on offer

As the demand for non-alcoholic cocktails increases, soft drinks are a hit in restaurants. Since the tightening of the zero tolerance for alcohol in driving, soft drinks have been steadily increasing in sales. But this is not the only cause of this trend, health is also the source of these changes in behaviour. So, the different avenues of exploration are :

  • homemade juices and "healthy" drinks, detox drinks, pure juices or smoothies
  • more festive products for those who drive and can't take alcohol

With the success of luxury waters, many new brands are also appearing on the market.
The drinks menu

Some of the most popular recipes

1- The Mojito

  • 4 cl white rum
  • 2 cl cane sugar syrup
  • some mint leaves
  • A little sparkling water
  • 1 half lime
  • about ten ice cubes

2- The Kir

  • the royal kir
  • the kir
  • derivatives

3- Pina colada

  • 4 cl of Rum ,
  • 2 cl coconut cream,
  • 1 cl cane sugar syrup,
  • 6 cl fresh pineapple juice.

4- Ti Punch

  • 4 cl of agricultural rum,
  • cane sugar syrup,
  • half a lime

4- The Margarita

  • 5cl tequila
  • 3cl of Cointreau (triple sec),
  • 2cl lime juice

3- The Americano

  •  2cl of Martini (red vermouth),
  • 4cl of Campari,
  • some soda water

3- The Mai tai

  • 3cl of white rum,
  • 3cl of amber rum,
  • 2cl of Cointreau (triple sec),
  • 1cl cane sugar,
  • 3cl lime juice,
  • 1cl barley syrup

Improve the margin and ratio of your restaurant through beverages

The choice of glasses makes it possible to stage drinks and cocktails. They should create the envy of the other customers on the servers' tray. Thus, the drinks menu is an essential tool to improve the margin of his establishment. Indeed, customers easily compare the price of menus and dishes before entering a restaurant, but it is more difficult to remember all the prices of drinks. And, they are much less "highlighted" on websites and outdoor signs than solids.

The multiplier on beverages is usually much higher in the restaurant industry. In fact, in the case of gastronomic restaurants, for example, it is mainly on wine that the margin is made. The staff are highly qualified and the products are of high quality, so the margin is less important on the dishes offered and worked on.

Assessing your customers' wishes

The success of the drinks menu depends on the ability to keep up with changing demand. The analysis of the best-selling products therefore allows you to sort out what needs to be promoted and what needs to be corrected. Our koust management software allows you to analyse your sales, to know which products are popular and which contribute the most to the margin.

Tracking innovation and setting trends

For example, the increase in consumption of craft beer can be measured over a period of time. Breweries offer a multitude of local, artisanal beers that can be integrated into the menu to follow this trend. The search for authentic products, the discovery of new products and the consideration of consumer aspirations will attract customers.

Share the drink menu on social networks

All these novelties can be relayed and promoted on social networks by the restaurant but also by customers who are happy to share their discoveries. The promotion of your menu will perhaps be more natural, with these new word-of-mouth phenomena.



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