Catering management EHPAD
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Catering management EHPAD

In France, EHPADs represent more than 7,353 accommodation establishments for dependent elderly people. That's more than 600,000 residents. Whether you are a public or private structure or an association, the management of EHPAD catering is not easy.

Difficulties can quickly accumulate and it is easy to find yourself buried. Or even lost, under a ton of information and rules to follow.

For this reason, it is important to know what to look for in order to manage your establishment in the best possible way.


Why is this important?

Good stock management is essential. Indeed, poor management can lead to considerable losses of money over time. But also a very bad organisation between your EHPAD and your suppliers.

Good stock management will help you to avoid food loss and waste as much as possible. In addition, it will allow you to place your supplier orders on time and to order the right quantities of food.

How to manage them?

In order to manage your stocks in the best possible way, it is essential to carry out inventories at least once a month so that you are always up to date.

You should also manage your stock removals according to your issue notes. It is recommended that you computerise your issue slips. So that your stocks are automatically updated according to them.

EHPAD catering management: Purchasing

Why is this important?

Managing your purchases well also means managing your budget as well as possible. Precise control of your purchases will allow you to save money. But also to avoid stock-outs or, on the contrary, too low stocks.

It is also important to invest in quality products. Although these products are more expensive, they will allow you to improve your hotel services. And therefore the nutrition of your residents and their well-being. Better nutrition also means less malnutrition and better health for your residents.

Moreover, since the passage of the Egalim law in January 2022, you are obliged to serve 50% labelled products, including at least 20% organic products.

How to manage them?

Do not hesitate to negotiate with your suppliers and to keep up to date with the market and its prices.

It is important to know the value of your product in the current market so that you are not taken advantage of.

In order to comply with the EGalim law, it is preferable to have a system that allows you to easily and quickly visualise the organic labels and designations of your products.

Indeed, to successfully implement this law, you will need to be well organised, you can set up charts that will allow you to evaluate your rates.

EHPAD catering management: Allergens

Why is this important?

Like any human being, residents of EHPAD can be subject to allergies. In some cases, these allergies can be very dangerous, especially for people with health problems or who are frail.

Collective restaurants, like any other restaurant, are therefore obliged to warn their residents of the allergens present in the dishes served. The staff must therefore be aware of these allergens.

How to manage them?

As a restaurant, you are obliged to clearly display all allergens in your food. You can display them on the menus distributed to the residents, or on a separate piece of paper where the residents can see them.

You should also be well informed about all the allergens in your dishes, by noting this on your data sheets.

The average daily cost

Why is this important?

Food costs are the second largest expense in nursing homes. It is therefore essential to manage them as well as possible in order to reduce their cost without neglecting quality. Reducing your food costs in a well thought-out and efficient way will allow you to reinvest in the quality of your products. Quality products will inevitably lead to less malnutrition among your residents, but also less waste.

How can you reduce your daily cost?

There are several ways to reduce your daily costs.

Order the right quantities from your suppliers. To do this, it is important to keep regular inventories, but also accurate technical data sheets. 

Find out about market price fluctuations and do not hesitate to negotiate prices with your suppliers if necessary.

It is also important to assess your food losses and identify the most common causes.

Koust's solutions for your nursing homes

Koust offers many features to help your nursing home manage its canteen.

Thanks to the control of food inputs, you have immediate visibility on the variation of raw material prices.

Once you know which products are flaming, you have full control over your purchasing costs.

The software also allows you to create computerised exit slips on a daily basis. This way you know your daily cost per place setting. But also the stock differences ingredient by ingredient. Thanks to the identification of these discrepancies, you can then target the main sectors of your EHPAD that are affected by waste and leakage.

In addition to stock variances, the technical data sheets that you have drawn up in detail on koust can also reduce waste. Indeed, the quantities can be calculated directly according to the number of place settings planned.

On Koust, you have direct access to the nutritional information and allergens present in your dishes. These are automatically updated on all your technical sheets in the event of a change. You can also view the percentage of certified products purchased recipe by recipe by adding tags to your ingredients.

As you will have noticed, difficulties can quickly accumulate in the catering business. It is therefore essential to be up to date on the management of your establishment.

Your objective is to reconcile the profitability of your business while offering healthy, quality food.

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