Planning of catering
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Planning of catering

Catering planning: The use of schedules is essential, especially in the catering and food industry.

Mais quels sont les plannings essentiels à mettre en place pour un établissement prospère ? 

Production planning 

The production schedule is an essential tool for organising your working time. It is the essential catering schedule to be implemented in your establishment. This internal planning tool allows you to structure and control your production time and costs, but also your wage costs. This schedule allows you to assign managers to specific tasks in your internal production process.

It is therefore important for a structure evolving in the food industry to use this type of catering planning. It will allow you to save time and money.

For better efficiency, your production schedule should be intuitive and visual to make it easier for you and your staff to read.


What will a production schedule do for you?

Réduire vos coûts salariaux et optimiser vos ressources humaines et matérielles. En effet, ce planning vous permettra de réduire, voire d’éradiquer, les pertes de temps et amélioreront le déroulement de vos tâches.

  • Manage your stock more accurately by avoiding food waste and stock shortages.
  • Avoir une vue d’ensemble de votre travail sur plusieurs jours, plusieurs semaines ou plusieurs mois.
  • Have a better organisation of your working time and a better distribution of tasks within your teams.
  • Organise your deliveries more easily.
  • Not having a production schedule will be felt over time in your establishment. You risk causing :

Customer dissatisfaction and frustration due to delays in orders or delivery

Your team members are likely to be stressed and demoralised by poor organisation and an uneven and inappropriate pace of work.

Big losses of money, through food losses or poor optimisation of your human resources.

What should your schedule include?

Your production schedule should include a number of elements.

The basis of your production planning is simply a calendar.

It must be up to date and editable so that all the necessary information can be entered.

You should introduce as a priority :

  • Your recipes and their technical sheets
  • Determine the number of portions needed to prepare
  • The material cost for all your portions (Example: your material cost for the production of 100 portions of tarts planned for 24 May 2022)
  • Appointing managers for each recipe, but also for your sub-recipes
  • You can add the recipient(s) of your recipes (if necessary).

Where can I do my production planning?

Il est possible de faire ce planning sur Excel ou encore Google Sheets, néanmoins cela risque d’être extrêmement chronophage, mais aussi très long. De plus, vos données ne seront pas centralisées, elles ne seront pas liées entre elles, par exemple, il vous sera difficile de lier vos fiches techniques à vos recettes.

Furthermore, this tool is not designed to be used by several people, which may lead to bugs and unintentional changes to the file.

Pour finir, faire un planning de production sur Excel sera peu visuel, peu intuitif et difficile à mettre en place si vous n’êtes pas un professionnel du logiciel.

Alors bien qu’il soit possible d’utiliser cet outil pour vos plannings de production, nous ne vous le conseillons pas, cela risque de vous compliquer la tâche de manière considérable.

Why is Koust your best ally in creating your production schedule?

With Koust, creating your production schedule is easy.

All you have to do is fill in your information in our schedule.

Vous n’aurez qu’à sélectionner vos recettes, déjà prérentrées dans le logiciel, ce qui liera vos fiches techniques directement à votre calendrier.

How to create your Koust production schedule?

Stage 1 -

  • You will enter the type of production you wish to enter (inter-facility transfer, bakery production, etc.).
  • Enter the date you want for this production.
  • The recipient (your restaurant, delivery, Mr Robert, Self...)
  • The number of portions you wish to produce for your recipe.

Stage 2 -

You will be able to enter all your recipes and sub-recipes for this date:

  • Entrez votre recette préenregistrée dans Koust, votre fiche technique est automatique reliée à votre plat.
  • Choose the desired quantities and units.
  • Choose the type of your recipe (dish, dessert, starter, pastry, side dish, etc.)

You can also directly enter complete menus that you have predefined.

Your production will then be listed, but also as a calendar by month and day.

You can then decide who is responsible for each of your recipes and sub-recipes, but also consult your technical sheets directly in your calendar.

You will also be able to see how much your production costs will be for each recipe and all the ingredients you will need.

With the Koust production planner, you will be able to organise yourself easily, but above all efficiently in the long term.

Testez gratuitement le planning de production Koust

Order planning

Le planning de commande à vos fournisseurs vous permet de prévoir vos commandes fournisseur sur plusieurs semaines, voire plusieurs mois. Il vous permet également d’être toujours à jour dans vos stocks et d’éviter les mauvaises surprises. Ce type de planning est très utile, notamment pour les restaurants collectifs.

Human resource planning

Your HR schedule allows you to have a long-term view of your employees. Thanks to this schedule, you will be able to manage the days of leave to be respected in the catering industry, and have a good overview of the working time of each of your employees. It is an essential tool for any establishment to organise and manage its human resources in the best possible way.


This catering schedule will allow you to manage the cleanliness of your establishment by assigning tasks to each person or by appointing a person responsible for cleaning each day.

This will ensure thathygiene tasks are carried out in a consistent manner.

As you will have understood, knowing how to organise yourself well is one of the keys to a successful restaurant. You will save time, money, but also the well-being of your staff.

Using any kind of planner will make this easier. 


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