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As a future cash register customer, you are wondering which one to choose.
Among the many cash register solutions available on the market, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice and identify the cash register best suited to your needs, especially in the restaurant sector where there is a wide variety of cash registers.
How do you choose between the equipment, the application, the prices and the opinions?

What is The Addition?

L'Addition is atouch tabletcash register software specialised in the restaurant sector. The application is connected to many other software - including Koust - for optimal use.
It is a 100% online software available on Ipad tablet.

Totally offline, the software allows you to simply move around the restaurant and take orders without worrying about your internet connection.
L'Addition is a 360° solution for your restaurant. Indeed, you can proceed with your cash receipts, online reservations and reporting.

The Addition cash register software meets the needs of all types of catering establishments. From bars and restaurants to bakeries and campsites.
This cash register allows you to simplify the management of your restaurant and your service. You save time when taking orders and collecting cash, which has a direct impact on your customers' opinions. Moreover, the application on Ipad is very playful and easy to use thanks to its touchscreen features.

What are the features of L'Addition Ipad?

This dedicated management hardware offers many features:

  • Collection
  • Room service
  • Reservation taking
  • Customer reviews
  • User management
  • Multi-award
  • Customer database management

Why connect to the L'Addition cash register software?

The L'Addition cash register software connected to Koust allows you to make full use of the analysis of your purchases thanks to the sales feedback in the management software. This guarantees you time savings and productivity. In fact, the entire link between L'Addition and Koust is made automatically every day. You find your sales of the day in Koust and the software analyses the most popular products, measures the price response index and controls your stock variances and your gross margin.

This way you can reduce food waste, identify your losses and best-selling dishes and increase your profitability.

What is the price of the box?

The till offers different rates on quotation, they vary according to the package chosen. Indeed, you can choose to use the application and the material or only the application.

How does it work?

At the end of your cash register, your sales are automatically transferred from the Addition to Koust and your data is updated.
The stock is automatically updated according to the sales transfers made by the Addition.

With many customers already using the Addition software, we have the proof and certainty that this cash register is reliable, practical and adapted to the needs of restaurants.

You don't have to do anything, we take care of everything from A to Z.


Koust is a management software dedicated to CHR professions.
Koust allows you to optimize the profitability of your establishment.
The idea is simple: better control over quantities and costs by having more control over procurement and production.

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