Export Caisse Pointex - Analyze Sales Data
Sales analysis

Export Caisse Pointex - Analyze Sales Data

In order to report sales in the Koust application, you have to export them from the cash register software. In this video we will see how to export data from a Pointex cash register software.

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Why is sales data necessary?

To begin with, let's look at the objectives of using this sales data. The main features that need this information are :

  • Compare the quantities of food consumed with the quantities purchased over a period of time.
  • Key Indicators: Sales Popularity, Price Response, Price Dispersion, by Product Line
  • Dashboards & Results: Sales, expenses and gross margin

To compare purchases (total invoices of the month) with sales (number of items sold) the number of sales per item is mandatory.

Then the key indicator require the average prices of the dishes and articles as well as the monthly sales of these same articles. The popularity of the articles and their contribution to the margin will therefore be determined by the menu engineering.

Finally the dashboards whether they are with or without an accounting code also require the total monthly turnover. The main figures in these dashboards are :

  • Monthly turnover
  • the monthly material cost
  • gross margin (cost of materials/sales)

Data transfer method

The data transfer can be done via API. But here, the sales data is transferred via Excel files in CSV format. The advantage is to make this method universal: all POS software should allow you to retrieve your sales in a standard format.

The data is therefore exported from the cash register software and Koust allows you to import it. It is sometimes necessary to modify the transfer file.

What data to transfer?

For sales analysis and controlling, the transfer will be for a given period. We recommend exporting the data on a monthly basis, although other periods are possible. In the export file the application only requires 3 columns :

  • The name of the product (dish) sold
  • the quantity sold over the period (offered, included)
  • the turnover excluding VAT over the period of this product (flat)

The average price of each product will then be calculated (automatically in the application) by dividing the turnover before tax by the number of sales.

Sales of cash register software

Cash register software records sales and is mandatory to collect taxes claimed by the state (VAT). But this data is also a very interesting source of information for the manager, to understand what his customers appreciate in his restaurant. They provide exactly the elements necessary for the koust application.

In order to use this data, it must be compiled and reformulated. Before using automated systems, file transfer allows us to meet our needs.

Example: Pointex crate export

In this video, I explain you how to export these data from the Pointex cash register software, even if you don't have an export template that this company can offer you. However, some modifications are necessary before you can use it in the Koust application:

  • deletion of unnecessary data,
  • Putting prices in the right format
  • deletion of the last line "total sales"...

The import in the application "uploading of the cash register software" is also detailed in the video. The correspondence between the CASH register and the Koust application will be done only once. In the following imports this correspondence will be done automatically.

In conclusion, you can get inspiration from this tutorial for other exports / imports of data from other cash register software.



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