Increase additional restaurant sales
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Increase additional restaurant sales

In the face of the crisis, customers are looking to reduce their spending in restaurants, making it difficult to generate additional sales. In particular, they no longer hesitate to consume only a carafe of water as a drink. These new behaviours lead to a significant drop in sales. Some professionals hesitate to propose other alternatives to their customers for fear of frustrating their clients. To start 5 points to remember to succeed:

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  • Inform the customer,
  • Suggest products,
  • Promote its products,
  • Stay within a correct price range,
  • Form his team.

Therefore, here are 7 actions to be implemented to improve sales.

  1. Highlight home-made products.
  2. Propose a Wine of the Month.
  3. Present a Cocktail of the day or aperitif of the day.
  4. Suggest water on order rather than a jug of water.
  5. Always offer a Coffee after dessert (or after a first coffee).
  6. Always ask if the customer would like an aperitif.
  7. Place the products during the events (Beaujolais Nouveau, beer ...).

Visual marketing to boost sales

First of all, in order to boost sales, it is absolutely necessary to use visuals: subtly highlight your products. Why subtly?
By placing a bottle of wine on the table, the customer feels the forced sale. Make precise and enthusiastic proposals, but without insisting.

The reception or the bar are the best places to present your novelties, wines of the month, promotions. Or to promote a new product, an animation, an event ...

Also, you can organize a wine tasting evening. You can also present a recipe demonstration. To warn your customers, make a promotion on social networks, you send a newsletter. Another way to explore is to put a display (or a table) outside and let passers-by taste your products.

To go further read this article: Selling more in stores

Looking for the unexpected to surprise

Take risks, look for new ideas, be creative to surprise your customers.

  • Use a new packaging to boost take-away sales: Offer a bag to carry the bottle (with your establishment's logo).
  • Increase your range of water with medicinal or original waters.
  • Offer organic drinks: Wines and soft drinks.
  • look for fair trade coffees, teas from around the world.

Train the room team

By involving the staff in coming up with new ideas, they will be more involved in this process of increasing turnover. Then each team member will find it easier to find the arguments naturally to sell to customers. By setting goals, measuring results and sharing good and bad experiences, your chances of success will increase significantly.

Finally, the commitment of the entire team and the motivation of each individual are exceptional advantages for boosting sales.

Example of Staff Training for Additional Sales


You have to know the whole water map

Ask the question: "Do you want water? “

If Yes answer "Still water yes sparkling water?"

When you have something new: explain rather than sell: It's a "fine bubble" water.


Systematically offering an aperitif is mandatory as a "hello".


Always bring the dessert menu. Because customers expect it, it's part of the service.


It's like the aperitif it's mandatory to ask "will you have coffee?"

Finally, the digestive is a difficult sale because its consumption has fallen sharply. However, it is still possible to incite sales with tricks: nice bottles, old vintages or to offer an old local brandy that appeals to another.

Setting the right price for your card

Price increases can disrupt additional sales.

Indeed, when the selling price rises, consumption may fall. Price elasticity therefore makes it possible to know the evolution of consumption following a price increase.

It is essential to know this data to properly price your card.

Measuring results to see progress and stay motivated

Without measuring results you cannot evaluate the best solutions. A good practice is to measure the evolution of additional sales on a weekly or monthly basis. Don't implement too many actions at the same time, as this would disrupt the analysis of the results.

An example of a table:

Turnover of waters, coffees, aperitifs, wines, cocktails, and wines of the month ...
All these figures measured as a percentage of turnover.
Therefore, the monthly analysis allows you to see the evolution of sales in each segment.

additional restaurant sales


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  1. Saving Stone
    June 28, 2017


    To increase turnover, play appropriate music in the restaurant. Soft music with a slow tempo will make customers stay longer. Take the time to order dessert and coffee. Broadcast voice announcements and create a real restaurant radio to offer homemade digestif...or herbal tea! Personalized radio is quite affordable and profitable.
    Stone for

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