Taking advantage of the internet to increase sales in your restaurant
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Taking advantage of the internet to increase sales in your restaurant

The marketing of his restaurant is nowadays done via the internet. How to increase restaurant sales through these new media?

Is a website necessary?

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Today a website for your company is essential: at least a showcase site with some simple information, a few photos of your establishment and your recipes. You can collect the opinions of your customers in a guestbook, give some information about your environment. Contrary to social networks that broadcast news, the site gives more static information that does not change too much over time.

In the future you may use this site to collect the e-mail addresses of your customers or prospects. You may have an online shop in a few years. The availability of tables in your establishment and the online reservation could be managed by your site. But beware, you must be the owner of your domain name.

If you don't have the time or the means, start with a free site. There are dozens of possible solutions, but that's not the purpose of this article: a google search will guide you to a quick solution.

Although very important, the marketing impact of the showcase website is now overtaken by the Facebook page, the social network that can bring you the most customers.

Social networks

Today, social networks are a must. Social networks are the "word of mouth" of your establishment, they are easy to use and free.
increase restaurant sales
Most popular list: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Google+.

We're going to focus on the most important thing:

Facebook: the must-see

With its millions of users, Facebook has surpassed the popularity of websites. Users prefer to stay on one tool to simplify navigation. So it is through your company page that your future customers will discover you.

Creating the page is quick and easy, here's how to get your first fans.

Winning his first 1000 fans?

#The first step to optimizing a Facebook page is to complete it as much as possible.

Don't forget any sections: from the URL of your site to your full description, the profile photo to use and the cover photo (prefer jpg or png photo formats for a better rendering), all elements must be filled in carefully. Don't forget also to configure the call-to-action on your Facebook page, which will allow your prospects to subscribe to your newsletter for example.

#Invite Your Friends to Become Fans #

Connect with friends on Facebook: With your personal profile, search for your page in the search bar at the top, once on your page, on the left click on invite your friends to like your page ...

Ask New Friends to Join Your Page.

#Share news from your business page on your personal page

Post as often as possible by sharing on your personal profile.

#Post more often #

Schedule your posts with Facebook or plan with tools like Hootsuite.

Find content and articles on your activity or theme to share with Feedly.

#Make videos or animated gif to attract attention #

To get started you can start with slideshows of your photos to create videos. Many software and applications allow you to create a short video in a few minutes. Don't forget a call to action at the end of the video. Also remember to leave your contact information, your video is likely to be shared.

#Answer your fans' questions #

And thank them for their comments. So, the more dialogue you have, the more your publications will be seen. Encourage readers to leave comments, their friends will see your posts and maybe add a like or another comment. So it's a snowball effect that takes over.

#Offer the good things to your Fans #

If you give a lot to your fans, then in return, they will help you develop your page and thus succeed.

#Use a call to action in your Header #

#Put a link in your about section

First, insert a link to your website in the about section. Also add this link in your profile if necessary.

#Go to the statistics to see what content you like and what profiles you like.

#Use the @Tag Function to tag people or pages

To name a person on Facebook add @ before their name and Facebook will link to their profile and notify the person of this link.

#Publish quality content

#Allow Fans to publish or tag Photos

#Leave Comments on Other Page Publications #Leave Comments on Other Page Publications

Add value to the conversation by adding quality feedback and building relationships with other companies.

#Download videos directly to Facebook

Choose to host your videos on Facebook rather than link to Youtube

#Follow your progress with Facebook Stats to increase restaurant sales

#Connect Your Facebook Page with Twitter

Your Facebook posts can be automatically copied to other social networks.

#Attract More Love with Professional Pictures and Drawings

#Deliver an amazing Facebook page experience #

Then share your challenges, your news, your work and how you are reducing waste.

#Cross-promote with other Facebook pages #

#Create custom applications

I also recommend Woobox to create applications:

  • link to your Pinterest page,
  • list of Tripadvisor's latest advisories,
  • links to increase restaurant sales,
  • Virtual tour.

#Insert your Facebook page and other social networks in your email signatures

#Use other levers and social networks to get more like

  • Facebook groups that deal with subjects close to your business can also be very good acquisition levers as long as your approach does not look too much like self-promotion, which could have the opposite effect!
  • Other social networks such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Google Plus are also good levers of relevant acquisition for new fans.

#Invite also your Customers to like your page

If someone likes you enough to buy your product then there's a good chance they'll like your Facebook page too.

Use Facebook Ads to boost likes

Finally, Facebook Ads is the advertising management utility on the Facebook network. You can increase the visibility of your articles and photos. And, you can search for particular segments of your targets:

  • sorted by city,
  • search by profession,
  • filter by interests,
  • keyword search.

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