How is digital transforming payment in the restaurant industry?
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How is digital transforming payment in the restaurant industry?

Many sectors started the digitalization process many years ago. However, the restaurant sector is still seen as one of the least advanced in this transformation. The arrival of the health crisis has reshuffled the deck and forced managers of cafés, hotels and restaurants to rethink the way they work. The push for contactless technology has led the restaurant sector to opt for digital tools, particularly for cashiering. 

Payment in the restaurant industry 

Payment methods are constantly evolving to meet consumers' expectations in terms of the purchasing experience. Indeed, today it is no longer just a question of cashing the customer, but of accepting all means of payment, of making the last stage of the purchasing process more fluid, of proposing an offer even outside the restaurant and, last but not least, of getting to know the customer. 

After a hegemony of payments by cash and cheques, the latter are tending to disappear in favour of electronic means of payment. For example, contactless payment is particularly recommended at Covid to avoid any contamination. In 2020, according to Statista, there were more than 72 million bank cards in circulation in France. This proves that this type of payment has become THE preferred means of payment for the French. 

Why and how to go digital? 

Some reluctant people may still wonder about the benefits of switching to digital payment, yet the advantages of this type of payment are numerous! 

  • Reaching a wider customer base: new digital payment methods allow restaurant owners to accept all credit cards. In all languages and currencies, but also payments made by telephone. So when it comes to paying, there are no more unpleasant surprises! 
  • Faster: say goodbye to the time wasted counting and recounting the bill paid in 20 cent coins and the queue of customers who are impatient to be cashed in, as well as the time spent at the cash desk at the end of the service! Digital payment allows you to save precious time with automated collection and feedback. 
  • More secure: the digitalisation of payment methods leaves little room for fraudulent payments, typing errors and holes in the till. Cash in with a clear conscience. 
  • Building customer loyalty: thanks to new technologies, it is easy to keep track of the number of customers in your establishment and to offer them promotional offers based on their visiting habits!
  • Measuring customer satisfaction: these new features also allow customers to express their satisfaction through tips left when paying at the table or through reviews left directly on the Eftpos terminal. 

After reviewing the advantages, let's see how to switch to digital payment methods! 

  • Opt for a modern POS terminal connected to your cash register so that the customer experience in your establishment is optimal and that the payment stage is no longer a stressful moment for you and your staff. 
  • Give your customers the choice to order from anywhere with Click and Collect! 
  • Offer the luxury of eating your food directly at your customers' homes through home delivery!  
  • To save even more time and to respect sanitary measures, think about paying at the table. 

Surround yourself with trusted partners! 

As you will have understood, the restaurant sector is also undergoing many changes linked to digitalization and the economic and health context we are going through. Your business is evolving and your management tools must be able to keep pace. This is what L'Addition offers to all the players in the restaurant industry with a set of reliable, modern and secure tools! 

What's the best part? From Click and Collect to payment at the table, everything is connected with their cash register solution. So forget about manual input and potential oversights. All of these advantages combined allow you to accelerate the growth of your establishment. 

Payment is now an indispensable part of the customer experience. Habits have changed and so have our ways of consuming. So listen to your customers and prospects, and don't hesitate to adapt your activity! 


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